The Endospore was a privatized Fallout shelter located in Bad Axe Michigan as a subterannean bunker to a cabin owned by Cyril Piotrowski before the war.  Constructed by Pulowski Preservation Services and outfitted by the Med-Tek Corporation, the Endospore was to be privately owned and operated by Cyril Piotrowski to carry out his research in the event of Mutual Assured Destruction.

Construction began in secret in early 2070 and concluded in late 2076. In January of 2076 Med-Tek's decommissioned ZAX computer was installed in the Endospore, followed soon after by Cyril's occupation up until the Great War.

It was from here that Cyril told the world about the existence of Forced Evolutationary Virus in February of 2077. In safety, this is also where he carried out his experiments as the Black Plague.


Leading into the main complex is a narrow corridor adorned with a breaker switch at its entrance which illuminate a collection of firearms racked along the walls.

The Endospore is composed of two large roomed floors. Two stairwells at each far corner from the entrance lead to the second floor balconies. Away from where you enter is a control center where the living quarters are located. Above that is a room holding the ZAX computer.

Entry RoomEdit

Entrances to the kitchen and dining room can be found lining the wall leading to the stairwell following the dining room. The right wall parallels the left with an armory and workspace before its stairwell.


The fridges and walk-in cooler found here are stocked with an impressive amount of preserved food.

Dining RoomEdit

A small room leading to a single bathroom. The two sets of ceramic plates are particularly valuable.


Complete with an impressive collection of shelves adorned with ammo of all types, cabinets filled with weapons of all makes, and a lengthwise shooting range tucked behind the back the wall, the armory proves to be a prize to any would-be scavenger.


Contains a workbench and an ammo press along with a large assortment of various parts and components.

Ground floorEdit

A lab outfitted for biochemical research appears immediately after leaving the left stairwell. A larger room full of animal cages follows and connects to it.

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