Road Raider 1

Road raider heavy armor

Road Raider 2

Road raider combat armor


Road raider prospects are hostile raiders encountered alongside the various roads throughout the Motown Wasteland. They are trying to impress an organized gang of the larger road raider body but have not managed to prove themselves. Killing the player character is one such rite of passage that will grant these raiders the respect they desire.

They differ from standard raiders in that they are better equipped, encountered outdoors, and are not withdrawing on chems.  They are, however, worse than actual road raiders who have earned their place in one of the major gangs.


Killing prospects will grant the player character with positive neutral Road Raider reputation. Killing prospects is seen as impressive to the road raiders that inhabit Motown and respect is given towards those who best them.

Note: Positive and negative reputation depends on the player character's choices in the main questline.


With the largest positive reputation prospects will no longer attack the player and can therefore serve as local fire support in any combat situation with another entity or faction.

Prospects can, however, still be killed without penalty to reputation in order to retrieve items from them.


With the largest negative reputation prospects will not flee from combat and they will spend more time searching for a sneaking player character.


Prospects will attack the player character in progressively higher numbers once they reach level 5. Until then, the player is left alone for being, "Too small a fish to fry" and not worthy of an initiation trial.

As the player character succeeds in more and more neutral reputation from killing prospects, larger bands of them will be sent to succeed where the rest have failed as the stakes have heightened and smaller groups will not succeed.

Prospect groups are always low-tech because they have not yet earned the rights to nor have had the luck to come across better technology. Prospect equipment comes either from what little raiding they have managed to do without succeeding in initiation or whatever their initiators have given them for the task of killing the player character.

As such, the prospects will not deploy vehicles but will go from groups of 3-4, 6-8, 12-16 as the three steps to max neutral reputation are respectively being reached.