Municipal Services is the secret Chinese Vault built beneath the city of Detroit, in the sewer systems.


China thought it'd be a great idea to exploit the large number of disenfranchised unemployed and blue collar workers constructing Vault segments By helping them secretly build a Vault for themselves in the disregarded sewer system of Detroit so long as both can share it in the event of disaster. The plan then is to emerge en masse and take over the city and use it as a staging point to conquer the rest of the US should nuclear war occur. And to use the vault workers that take up residence in there as slaves. I mean uh... low wealth and unskilled laborers A veritable counter-contingency plan at the US by siphoning funding from the US's actual contingency plan. It's ingenious and totally plausible dare I say and stroke my own ego You know, like having a billionaire develop a laser defense and guidance-system hacking system at his own expense without anyone noticing :p The Vault itself has no designation at it's not officially recognized by Vault-Tec It is constructed under the codename, "Municipal Services." though Codename subject to chang It is for the Great Winter They're ultimately defeated But by whom and how? Still figuring that part out Here's a part I just though of but now want to happen. The hero utilizes the orbital micronuke platform orbiting Detroit and score a significant chunk of damage out of the Chinese army. China, however, utilizes something to bring it down. Having it crash into the Earth nearby. It may or may not still be operational by the events of Motown. ... may or may not...

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