Hanlon's razor

"Semper ignorantia in culpa"

Hanlon's razor is a unique combat knife found in Motown. It can be taken from Jeffrey Nowak's possession by pickpocketing, from his inventory as a follower, or from his corpse.


Hanlon's razor is a standard combat knife with it's blade meticulously replaced by a machined MaSMA blade.

Hanlon's razor compared to a standard combat knife:

  • requires 4 ST compared to 3 ST
  • takes off 20 dmg/attack compared to 15 dmg/attack
  • takes off 20 crit dmg compared to 15 crit dmg
  • has crit % multiplier of 2.5 compared to crit % multiplier of 2.0
  • has armor penetration dmg/attack of 6 compared to armor penetration dmg/attack of 3
  • attacks/sec remains unchanged at 3.2
  • has value of 5000 compared to value of 500
  • has item HP of 160 compared to item HP of 90
  • AP consumption remains unchanged at 17
  • weight remains unchanged at 1lb

Behind the ScenesEdit

On it, there is an inscription that reads, "Semper ignorantia in culpa" which translates to "Always blame ignorance" which is close to the eponymous adage of the philosophical Hanlon's razor. The revised description more closely depicts the extremity of its owner's beliefs.

As a physical weapon, the philosophical razor becomes a symbolic gesture of the group its possessor associates with, the Aware. Their actions and philosophies are represented in how the razor can be applied to their world, by attributing everything on ignorance and going as far as waging war upon it in order to reduce it for the sake of humanity's future.