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General Atomics International (GAI) or General Atomics was a pre-war nuclear physics and defense contractor for the entire international community leading up to the Great War. Its various products and projects found great commercial and private success throughout the United States of America and are commonly seen throughout the post-war wasteland and Motown.

The most prominent products of General Atomics included their various robot models and their bio-med gel solutions.

Product linesEdit


General Atomics' robot line was unique contrast to RobCo Industry's in that it focused more on emotional heuristics and personality interfaces. This focus was the result of research and development into various cybernetic programs and bio med gel interfaces.



The result of one of the first symbioses of man and machine, the robobrain is a robust and hardy robot with a uniquely human personality and a ruthlessly efficient killing apparatus.

The robobrain was the first successful robot to utilize a biological processor (repurposed brains) and as such, saw large deployment and varied improvement as its base model.

Not as potent as RobCo's Sentry Bot, the robobrain serves as a highly efficient robotic platform for long-range target acquisition and neutralization. Capable of taking out small to medium-sized opponents with its deadly and precise laser=.

Mister HandyEdit

185px-Mister Handy

Mister Handy is a civilian-based robot tailored and designed for the sole purpose of house-work and domestic service.

With an almost comical purpose, the Mister Handy models were designed with a English accented user-interface program that is liable to fits of what could be considered insanity relative to human standards over post-war deterioration.

What most people fail to realize is that these problems were present in the Mister Handy model line even before the war and went largely ignored as labor unions became progressively less profitable for companies.

Mister GutsyEdit

110px-Mister Gutsy

The Mister Gutsy model is a gross outfitting of the popular Mister Handy line constructed solely for combat in military operations.

Favored for their morale-boost and their user-friendly interface, the Mister Gutsy model was an ample substitute for a human soldier in operations lacking the necessary manpower. Outfitted specially for suppressive fire and explosive ordinance disposal, Misty Gutsy models became very popular among military fireteams.

Mister Gutsy models can be found frequently patrolling the decaying remains of their pre-war fireteams (perhaps being the cause of their deaths) and serve as a persistent obstacle to any would-be scavenger.