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Acquired is the unique variant of the radiation suit in Motown. Owned by Jeffrey Nowak, Acquired is worn by him when he operates as a follower. Acquired can be found in the Endospore and is required to be in Jeffrey's possession for him to become a follower; it can be kept from him for alternative use.

Jeffrey has had to outfit dozens of advanced radiation suits to maintain Acquired in his lifetime. During his decades spent as the Black Plague, the radiation suit portion was spray painted black and the accessories were specialized for combat. Acquired has since been kept standard radiation suit yellow and oriented more for carrying capacity and survivability.

Yuko Satomi made use of a counterpart stealth suit called Passive alongside Jeffrey in their past adventures.


Acquired compared to a standard radiation suit:

  • has 24 DR compared to 8 DR and has 11 DT compared to 8 DT
  • has 40 ER compared to 13 ER and has 18 ET compared to 13 ET
  • has 40 FR compared to 13 FR and has 18 FT compared to 13 FT
  • has 80 RR compared to 26 RR and has 18 RT compared to 13 RT
  • has 90 item HP compared to 15 item HP
  • has 1.5 radiation immunity duration compared to 1.0 radiation immunity
  • has a value of 1800 compared to 60
  • increased carry capacity of 30 lbs compared to increased carry capacity of 0 lbs
  • weighs 17.5 lbs compared to 5 lbs
  • like all gas masks, helmet/mask provides 100 GR at 85% item condition and above.

Acquired also includes MaSMA integration that is uniquely activated by irradiation. The auto-repair capability is proportionate to the amount of rads/sec the player is exposed to, making it a radiation niche outfit.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Chinese symbol: 疫 on the suit translates to "Plague" in English and serves as a direct reference to the decades spent by Jeffrey Nowak as the Black Plague. When combined with the symbol 免 on its counterpart, Passive, it forms the word "Immunity" when translated to English. When immunity is combined with each suits's name, they make a reference to the biology terms acquired immunity and passive immunity.